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1 Mr President, how and when did you first meet Noemi Letizia's father?
2 During the course of this friendship how many times, and where, have you met?
3 How would you describe the reasons for your friendship with Benedetto Letizia?
4 Why did you discuss candidates with Signor Letizia, who is not even a member of the PDL?
5 When did you get to know Noemi Letizia?
6 How many times have you met Noemi Letizia, and where?
7 Do you take an interest in Noemi and her future, or support her family economically in any way?
8 Is it true that you promised Noemi you would help her career in show business or in politics?
9 Veronica Lario said that you “frequent under-age girls”. Do you meet any others or “bring them up”?
10 Your wife says that you are not well and that you “need help”. What is the state of your health?
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