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firefox 1.5 beta

per chi sta provando la nuova versione di firefox. molte estensioni e temi non sono stati aggiornati.
qui dice come fare da sé:
Hi, This is how to make this skin work with 1.5 beta; Download this http://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/themes/noia_2.0_extreme_/noia_2.0_extreme_-2.88-fx.jar. Make sure you save it, dont install it yet. Rename it to 'noia_2.0_extreme_-2.88-fx.zip' and open it with winzip. Open the file that says 'install.rdf' Find the line where it says < e m : m a x V e r s i o n >1.0+< / e m : m a x V e r s i o n > change that line to: < e m : m a x V e r s i o n >1.4< / e m : m a x V e r s i o n > then save the notepad, exit the notepad and say yes when winzip asks you to update the archive. Exit winzip and rename the archive to 'noia_2.0_extreme_-2.88-fx.xpi' then go into firefox and click install and go to that file location and it will work great. ps. this method will work with all skins and extensions!!!

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